So how much does it really cost to get a cataract surgery done in Sangli Miraj Kupwad?

The presently accepted best method for Cataract Surgery is Topical (Injection-less) Phaco-emulsifcation. Though the manual methods cost less, they have a high rate of complication and more spectacle dependence post operatively.


Well, the cost of the cataract operation in Sangli, Miraj and Kupwad depends on the type of Intra-ocular lens and the type of cataract surgery performed, but the basic foldable Intra ocular lenses package by phaco-emulsifcation cataract surgery  would cost you somewhere around Rs. 10,000/-. This cost is including all the OT consumables and Surgeon/OT/Nursing Charges.

There are different types of Intra-ocular lenses which provide different advantages. You can have a look at our lens simulation for more info on how the lenses affect the vision.


At Akashdeep Netralay Superspeciality Eye Hospital, Miraj all cataract surgeries are done using Foldable Intra-ocular lenses by Phacoemulsification method. Aspheric Lenses offer better visual quality than the basic Foldable lenses. Hydrophobic lenses are better than hydrophilic lenses. Of late, there isn’t much difference in between Export quality Indian and imported (USA/Europe/Japan) lenses in majority of segments. In few segments though, imported lenses are still better.


We at Akashdeep Netralay Superspeciality Eye Hospital, offer a wide variety of lenses catering to patients of different socio-economic strata and with different eye conditions. As they say, food for one can be poison for the other, we make sure we put up the best Intra-ocular lenses for you during the counselling session


The advantages and the limitations of the different Intra-ocular lenses are informed to all the patients during the counselling session so that they can make an informed choice.  Because once the lens is implanted its forever. So choose wisely and the best one which you can offered. 


In few selected cases who have pre-existing corneal astigmatism, we may advise you to opt for a Toric lens. This is to reduce your dependence on spectacles after cataract surgery and offer you an excellent vision.


Most of the surgeries done at Akashdeep Netralay Superspeciality Eye Hospital, Miraj are done under Topical Anaesthesia, that is without any injection for anaesthesia. This offers faster recovery and better compliance. However in few selected cases, where the patient is extremely uncooperative or has some other medical indication we may opt for a local anaesthesia. In any case, the visual outcomes in Cataract operation is excellent.


For best visual outcome after cataract surgery, choose Akashdeep Netralay Superspeciality Eye Hospital.